Charm and Beauty in Physics

10 – 11 November 2016, Moscow


The P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute is not far from “Leninskij prospekt” subway station. On the interactive subway map “Leninskij prospekt” is on the orange line (number 6) two stations below the brown circle line (number 5). Institute is accessible by bus and trolleybus from “Leninskij prospekt” or “Oktyabrskaya” (circle line) subway stations.

From “Oktyabrskaya” (Октябрьская) subway station:

“Oktyabrskaya” subway station is on the brown circle line (number 5, Koltsevaya (Кольцевая in Russian). The bus/trolleybus stop is located not far from the “Oktyabrskaya” station exit (~100m to the right). Take trolleybus 4, M4, M4* or bus M1 in the direction “out of center of Moscow” to the bus stop “Univermag Moskva” (12 stops, about 15-20 min) or express bus 144 (3 stops, about 10 min).

From “Leninskij prospekt” (Ленинский проспект) subway station:

Get off the first car of the train (if you traveling from the city center), exiting from the subway turn left and head towards “Leninsky Prospect” (use the pedestrian underground passage to cross the street). The bus/trolleybus stop is located just at the second right stair. Please take trolleybus 4, M4, M4*, bus M1 or express bus 144 and proceed to the bus stop “Univermag Moskva” (about 5-10 min).

Hotel “Sputnik” is 10 minutes by feet away from the LPI.

The entrance to the subway is marked with red “M” sign. To enter the subway you should buy a ticket or a smart card in the ticket office. It can be purchased at special counters or booths located at every station.

We advise you to purchase a “90-minute” (90-минут) ticket which allows to make one subway trip (no charge for line change underground) and unlimited number of trips with bus/trolleybus/tram within the 90 minute period.
“Edinyi” (Единый) ticket allows to make one trip with bus, trolleybus, tram or subway (no charge for line change underground). A paper smartcard contains 1, 2, 5, 20 or 60 tickets. The ones containing 1 or 2 tickets are valid for 5 days, the other — for 90 days. The price per one trip decreases with the number of tickets on the smartcard. The maximum price is for 1-trip tickets and is for 90-minute ticket 60 RUB and 50 RUB for the “Edinyi” ticket.
You could also buy 1-trip bus ticket in any bus asking a driver about.
1 trip – 50 RUB, but you should pay in cash.

The first door of the bus/trolleybus/tram is for entrance only. The others are for exit. There is a turnstile just after the door. To enter put your ticket to the yellow circle and turn the turnstile. Please keep your ticket with you till the end of the trip. Spontaneous tickets inspections are possible.