Charm and Beauty in Physics

10 – 11 November 2016, Moscow


November, 10

09:30 — 10:30 Registration & Coffee

10:30 Pavel Pakhlov (LPI, MEPhI)

Chairman: Valery Rubakov

11:00 Roy Schwitters (Texas U.) The November 1974 Revolution: Emergence of Modern Particle Physics
11:30 Stephen Olsen (IBS, Korea) CPV, from Kaons to quarks & neutrinos
12:10 Tiziano Camporesi (CERN) LHC physics overview: achievements and future goals

12:50 — 14:30 Lunch

Chairman: Andery Golutvin

14:30 Masanori Yamauchi (KEK) The e+e- program at KEK
15:10 Dmitry Kazakov (JINR, ITEP) Rare decays and Supersymmetry
15:40 Dmitri Liventsev (VPI) Search for sterile neutrino and dark sector at Belle
16:00 Olga Igonkina (Nikhef) Charged lepton flavor violation at LHC

16:20 — 16:50 Coffee break

Chairman: Eduard Boos

16:50 Mikhail Vysotsky (ITEP) Charm and beauty of pions and kaons
17:10 Arkady Galper (MEPhI) Search for signatures of hypothetical dark matter particles in space: from "PAMELA" to "GAMMA-400"
17:30 Alexander Dolgov (NSU) Cosmology: recent discoveries and problems

18:10 — 19:00 Welcome drink

19:00 — 20:00 Concert

November, 11

Chairman: Alexander Gorsky

10:00 Ruslan Chistov (LPI, MEPhI) Charmed baryons in e+e- annihilation
10:20 Igor Gorelov (MSU) Recent Results on Bottom Baryon Spectroscopy with LHCb Detector
10:40 Galina Pakhlova (LPI, MIPT, MEPhI) Charm exotics
11:00 Roman Mizuk (LPI, MEPhI) Bottomoniumlike states

11:20 — 11:50 Coffee break

Chairman: Alexander Bondar

11:50 Sergey Barsuk (Orsay) Quest of QCD with LHC(b) quarkonia
12:10 Mikhail Danilov (LPI, MIPT, MEPhI) Search for sterile neutrinos
12:30 David Besson (Kansas U., MEPhI) Neutrino telescopes

13:00 — 14:40 Lunch

Chairman: Vladimir Obraztsov

14:40 Alexander Bolozdynya (MEPhI) Registration of weakly ionizing particles and rare interactions using the two-phase emission detectors
15:00 Peter Krizan (Ljubljana U.) B-physics: from the beginnings to B-factories
15:30 Felix Sefkow (DESY) Future detectors for the heaviest particles
16:00 Alexey Drutskoy (LPI, MEPhI) Physics at ILC

16:20 — 16:50 Coffee break

Chairman: Pavel Pakhlov

16:50 Boris Sharkov (FAIR) International FAIR: challenges and chances in Modern Physics
17:20 Eckhard Elsen (CERN) Charm is not enough...

17:50 — 19:00 Greetings (Gennady Mesyats, Eckhard Elsen, Boris Sharkov, Tagir Aushev, Arkady Galper, all)

19:00 — 21:00 Buffet